Gum Massage with Sesame Oil and Other Oils Deters Plaque and Gingivitis

While conventional dentistry is pouring chemicals into our mouths, ancient Ayurveda has been preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease with natural oils for thousands of years.
Ayurveda has been recommending oil pulling and gum massage for thousands of years to help prevent gum disease and plaque build up.
Yet the chemical industry is convinced their antibacterial mouthwashes and rinses are the answer. The heck with ‘superstitious’ ancient therapies – they more …read more

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Tight muscles? Roll out those kinks and knots

By Mary MacVean Foam rollers are an inexpensive way to stretch and massage tight muscles, knots and other soft tissue problems. But don’t expect spa-like ahhs. It can hurt — but you should feel relief afterward.Foam rollers are an inexpensive way to stretch and massage tight muscles, knots and other soft tissue problems. But don’t expect spa-like ahhs. It can hurt — but you should feel relief afterward. …read more

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7 Ways to Improve Posture for Better Health

Did you know that poor posture leads to illness and lost years of life? This infographic offers 7 simple ways to improve posture for health and longevity.

The post 7 Ways to Improve Posture for Better Health appeared first on more …read more

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Massage Can Reduce Stress Hormones by 50% (Infographic)

Are you stressed out? Suffer from headaches or back pain? Massage can reduce the stress hormone cortisol by up to 50%! This infographic explains the health benefits of massage…
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The post Massage Can Reduce Stress Hormones by 50% (Infographic) appeared first on more …read more

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Shoulder pain leads to a search for realignment

By Hilary MacGregor Whether it was years of swimming, too much sitting at the computer or too much driving, life was taking its toll on my body. My shoulder was messed up beyond belief; the pain seeped down my right arm and across my back, up into my neck. With a mile-and-a-quarter open water swim race just… …read more

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Massage After Brentwood Half Marathon on 23 March 2014

If you live in Leigh-on-Sea or Southend and are competing in the Brentwood Half Marathon on 23 March, you have six days to go.

It’s too late to start incorporating massage into your routine because your body is not used to it.

However, we are here to help you in the aftermath by massaging out all the lactic acid build up to avoid potential adhesions.

If you’re planning your next marathon or half marathon, it is much better for your body to have a massage three or four times before the event.

This helps to keep it relaxed and repairs any damage done by your training regime so that you are fit and raring to go on the day.

There is a big hill at the end of the Brentwood course – so be prepared.

Call us today to book your massage. We offer sports, relaxation and aromatherapy massage

Other runs coming up in Southend are:

the Southend Park run which is 5km held every Saturday at 9am at Gunners Park in Shoebury

Havens Hospice Half Marathon on 8th June at 10am along Shoebury East Beach.

Leigh-on-Sea’s Leigh Striders also have regular events and you can read more here

Start preparing today. Give Mike a call to have a chat about how sports massage can help with your training and recovery.

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Indian Head Massage

What is an Indian head massage?

Indian Head Massage is a straightforward method of alternative therapy that you don’t have to undress for, that involves gentle manipulation of the head and upper body.

This massage technique can be used to relieve tension, stress and fix blockages and improve circulation throughout the body leading to a lowering of blood pressure. Indian Head Massage began in Asia a very long time ago but the benefits are still very relevant to today’s busy lifestyles.

Tension in the muscles in the human body can cause much discomfort and an imbalance will lead to poor function and tiredness. An Indian Head Massage can manipulate the body to de-stress and even invigorate people, as well as relieving them of existing aches or twinges in the upper body.

Indian head massage techniques

A head massage has always been part of getting your haircut in India and is known to be very healthy for your hair and the skin underneath. Various vegetable oils are often used such as coconut oil or olive oil to provide nutrition and the whole process it is even said to help with hair growth and colour retention.

Massaging the head in this way helps with circulation and the distribution of oxygen, amongst other nutrients, to the brain.

Your face and head are very responsive parts of the upper body which, along with the shoulders and neck, are especially susceptible to the symptoms of our hectic lifestyles. Therefore an Indian Head Massage is a very successful method of stress release and energy correction.

On an emotional level, an Indian Head Massage can also facilitate the rebalancing of the mind by helping to correct the energetic flow and unblock pathways. In doing so, this will enable the body to better cope with stress, fatigue and feeling low.

An Indian Head Massage normally will last for about half an hour therefore it is a quick method of revival that can be done during at lunchtime and prepare you for the rest of the day.

And most modern-day practices not longer apply any oils so, while you do not have to be concerned about having to wash your hair, it may lose its shape so do keep a comb handy!

Call us to find out how a Indian head massage can help you.

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Sports Massages in Leigh on Sea

Sports Massages in SouthendThere’s no point trying to beat around the bush – sports massages can be somewhat uncomfortable.

Not all the time – in fact some of it can be very pleasant indeed, especially at the beginning when your therapist is gently kneading the muscles in your body and at the end when they are relaxing and stretching them out after the deep tissue part of the treatment.

However, it’s the bit in between that can be excruciatingly painful. But, as the old adage says – no pain, no gain.

I spend a lot of time hunched over a computer and I don’t do stress very well. These two problems mean that I carry a lot of tension in the muscles where my neck joins my shoulders.

Sometimes they feel rock hard and start to restrict the sideways movement of my head. That’s when I know a visit to Mike for a sports massage is due. But thankfully work related stress can’t defeat my sports massages, which are proven to relieve stress!

Trigger Point Therapy in Sports Massages

Mikes’ sports massages involve a clever trigger point therapy technique to try to trick my brain into releasing the tension it is holding in the muscles. This involves rolling my flesh to isolate the problem area and then sticking his elbow into the recalcitrant muscle. I am informed that some massage therapists use their thumbs, knees and, even feet for the purpose.

The result is that every nerve centre in your brain explodes in complaint and it feels as if a red hot poker is being pushed into the muscle as my eyeballs, simultaneously, try to pop out of my body – even when he’s working on the stress in my glutes!

Trigger points are caused by a build up of lactic acid and other toxins from a contraction in some of a muscle’s fibres which are then unable to disperse through the constricted capillaries.

Each point and the surrounding tissue needs to be identified and resolved through specific massage techniques with very precise levels of intensity and duration to ensure the knot is properly eased without damaging the tissues.

It’s not just a case of applying the elbow with impunity, there are a number of other required elements to the treatment, particularly when it comes to loosening everything off again afterwards.

Sports Massage in SouthendThis is normally the point where I start to drift off to sleep as things become much more relaxing and that’s the part that remains in your mind when you book your next appointment.

I love my sports massages with Mike. More than anything, they are an extraordinarily effective treatment that makes the difference between me being able to continue with my computer-based career… and having to give up.

Now I just need to work on the ergonomic set-up of my office arrangements.

So, there you have it – sports massages, the pain and the pleasure.

If you’re suffering with work related stress, sore neck and shoulder or a sports injury, sports massage WILL SORT OUT your issue! BOOK a massage treatment at the Ark with Mike on 01702 710531

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