Back Massages and Baby Bath Sets

The Ark regularly gives back massages to new parents who are suffering with acute back pain.

After a lovely relaxing treatment to relieve the discomfort, they walk out of the shop feeling as if they’re walking on air.

However, the following day, it’s bath time as usual and they’re bending themselves in half to support and wash a tiny tot who weighs considerably more than that description implies. This can lead to long-term back problems that could go beyond the restorative qualities of back massages.

There is so much baby equipment today that is designed to take the strain out of parenthood and help to save our backs – as Ashley J Downs reveals here.

Back care professionals everywhere shake their heads at the awkward postures we assume for long periods so as to keep bath time safe for our tiny babies. Even someone with the strongest core muscles is going to put strain on their back bent over at an awkward angle with both hands supporting the weight of a baby whilst, simultaneously washing it – any woman that’s not long given birth will tell you it’s agony and no, you can’t have gas and air!

But, finally, an inspired designer has come up with the solution to all these problems. It’s called a Tummy Tub and it’s an upright bath that is shaped like a womb, holding baby in the familiar foetal position, warm and cocooned right up to the shoulders. Despite this, a standard sized baby bath uses considerably more water, so it is heavier to lift and far less ecologically friendly.

There’s even a stand that lifts it to the perfect back-saving height then turns into a step as baby turns into independent tiddler then a box for them to store their treasures in after that. No wonder it’s won awards, it’s one of those things that makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it years ago. Maybe because we were all busy clinging to slippery babies then holding our aching backs, huh?

Ashley J Downs has been at the sharp end of parenting for over a decade and is well versed in the joy and pain of childcare. For baby shops online and to find out more about using
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