Massage and Marathon Runners

Here are some great resources on why you should have massage therapy before and after your Marathon.

Massage helps to prepare your muscles for the changes they will go through building strength and endurance to handle a long run.

And to stop you from getting injured in training. Doing all that work and then suffering an injury just before your Marathon can be tough to cope with.

A massage after the Marathon helps your body to recover.

Deep Tissue Massage for Marathon runners

Expert massage therapists recommend that you should get any deep tissue work done 3-5 days before your Marathon and 3-5 days after the run.

Here are some more top tips about massage for runners

Post Marathon Massage

This great video shows what you should expect from a post marathon massage.

Massage for Marathon runners in Leigh on Sea and Southend on Sea

Give Mike a call on 01702 710531 to find out how a massage could benefit your Marathon training. Both before and after your big day.

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Massage After Brentwood Half Marathon on 23 March 2014

If you live in Leigh-on-Sea or Southend and are competing in the Brentwood Half Marathon on 23 March, you have six days to go.

It’s too late to start incorporating massage into your routine because your body is not used to it.

However, we are here to help you in the aftermath by massaging out all the lactic acid build up to avoid potential adhesions.

If you’re planning your next marathon or half marathon, it is much better for your body to have a massage three or four times before the event.

This helps to keep it relaxed and repairs any damage done by your training regime so that you are fit and raring to go on the day.

There is a big hill at the end of the Brentwood course – so be prepared.

Call us today to book your massage. We offer sports, relaxation and aromatherapy massage

Other runs coming up in Southend are:

the Southend Park run which is 5km held every Saturday at 9am at Gunners Park in Shoebury

Havens Hospice Half Marathon on 8th June at 10am along Shoebury East Beach.

Leigh-on-Sea’s Leigh Striders also have regular events and you can read more here

Start preparing today. Give Mike a call to have a chat about how sports massage can help with your training and recovery.

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The Benefits of Massage – Even Self Massage

Enjoyed this article about the benefits of massage on a variety of conditions.

Masseurs and other therapists are not allowed to make claims about improvements for many specific conditions so we will let this article and its supporting studies do the talking.

The author talks about a study which demonstrated the game changing effects of Swedish Massage. This technique decreased levels of the stress hormones cortisol and arginine vasopressin. So, in addition to reducing stress, pain and muscle tension – often viewed as “shorter term” effects of massage, the chemical changes triggered by this treatment take it to another level.

For many of our clients, they know the benefits of having a regular massage.


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Massage and Work Stress

massage and work stressVery interesting infographic from Workplace Claim via Good Relaxation.

The most stressful jobs in the UK

It would seem that the people who suffer most with work related stress in the UK are women aged between 35 and 54, particularly those who work in environments where there are more than 250 other employees. Health, nursing and social workers, teachers, bankers and lawyers, recruitment and sales staff, even head chefs – they all get a mention as being particularly stress filled jobs.

And the newspapers over recent years have been filled with media coverage of court cases that ensue as a result of some of these professions getting it wrong. It’s not surprising that the incumbents of those posts feel the pressure – even in areas where the job is as much a vocation as a job. So how do massage and work stress relate?

How massage can help with your work stresses

Often the end result of work stresses is poor posture. If you spend all day tensed up over a computer or are walking around worrying as you battle with outcomes and deadlines, what better way to loosen off those stiff sore shoulders than a relaxing massage when you get off the train?

Let Mike help you to leave those tensions behind at the office so you can enjoy the rest of your evening free of the intensity of that pressure.

Calming massage and work stress……dissipates

Calming, soothing, liberating – the toxins and the anxiety just melt away under the swirling movements of his hands. Muscles loosen and soften, your eyes automatically close and your mind and body begin to drift away from the maelstrom that once surrounded you. With massage and work stress there’s only one winner – you!

A recent study at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles addressed massage and work stress. The study involved participants receiving either a 45 minute deep tissue massage or a light massage. The results showed that just one session of the deep tissue Swedish massage decreased the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, whilst the light massage increased the levels of oxytocin, a hormone associated with contentment.

Find The Ark for Massage in Leigh on Sea

Find The Ark – it is a short walk up the cliffs from Leigh-on-Sea railway station. So, if you’re coming back to Southend from the commute to London on C2C, why not stop off and visit us for a relaxing de-stress, or for pain relief from poor office posture.

If you’re suffering with work related stress, book a massage treatment at the Ark with Mike on 01702 710531

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