Destress Massage – Back, Neck, Head and Face

When I first went to visit Mike, I was after an Indian Head Massage but his diagnosis was that I would benefit from a back and neck massage.

He was right. My shoulder problems improved immediately and I began visiting him for regular treatments. Sometimes for sports massages and at others for a more relaxing holistic massage with aromatherapy oils.

On this day, it must have been apparent how tired I was as he prescribed a back, neck, head and face treatment and it turned out to be the perfect destress massage.

Mixing up some suitably relaxing and de-stressing aromatherapy oils, he started unknotting my back before turning me over – taking care with the towels to preserve my modesty.

And that’s when it really got good. My head and face received lots of careful attention, smoothing and soothing all the tension. Normally I manage to talk my way all through a massage because I am so wound up but this one really shut me up 🙂

The part I remember most as I drifted in and out of a gentle doze, was when he lifted my head and took the whole weight in his hands as I lay on the bed, carefully turning it fully to the left and then to the right as he eased out the tight muscles. Also the full strokes up my back, reaching down between my body and the bed and gently pulling my neck bones to extend properly rather than slumping together.

When I finally left the salon after about an hour of treatment, it felt as if I was walking on air and I could have slept for a week.

Destress Massage.


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