Effective Sports and Deep Tissue Massage in Southend

"Massage in Southend"

  • Do you have stiff sore shoulders from hunching over a computer?
  • Are you training for a fun run or marathon?
  • Is back pain making movement difficult?


How could a massage help?

De-stress – If you get home at the end of a long day and feel exhausted, the powerful effects of an Aromatherapy massage help you to calm down and forget about the trials and tribulations of your working day.

It’s not just about running – Many people don’t realise that training for a half-marathon is more than just pounding the pavements. You have to help your body to prepare for the run and then recover afterwards if you want to achieve a personal best time. Athletes achieve better results when they use regular sports massage to address any muscle strains that occur when you’re just practising.

Recurring Back Pain – If you’re a martyr to your back and can feel the weakness there when you lift the hoover or just move quickly, a massage could be just the thing to help relax the muscles that are going into spasm and help those that are supporting a potential problem.

Whether you’re after an Aromatherapy Massage to calm and de-stress, a sports massage to help you prepare or recover from a training session or a deep tissue massage to address those niggling aches and pains that make life miserable, Michael McCandless from The Ark has the treatment for you.

Relax those taut muscles and feel the tensions of a stress-filled day melt away.

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How To Find The Ark for Massage in Southend and Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

The Ark is situated at 112 Rectory Grove, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 2HL on the corner of Rectory Grove and Leighville Grove with customer parking to the rear.

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