Essex Massage

Essex Massage seems to be a term which covers a multitude of sins but at The Ark we offer a whole range of different types of massage.

From Sports Massage for those knotty, tension-filled stiff shoulders and necks to Holistic Massage, Therapy Massage and Aromatherapy Massage which will help to relax even the most fraught and stressed individuals. For many customers, their symptoms require a combination of all these skills to achieve that state where you leave the treatment room feeling as if you are walking on air… and a couple of inches taller.

There is also Indian Head Massage, Hand or Foot or Hand and Foot Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. All treatments which can address the ailments of the client from a slightly different perspective.

Sports Massage is a unique type of massage that uses trigger point therapy to break down knots in the muscles and increase range of motion. There can be some discomfort involved in that process but the improvements can be felt as soon as you get off the treatment table.

An Aromatherapy Back, Head and Neck treatment can be the perfect Destress Massage, using carefully chosen oils to melt away the fatigue of the life’s challenges.

Indian Head Massage is another relaxing therapy that also gives great benefits to the condition of your hair.

Regular hand and foot massage boosts the circulation to those extremities, nourishing and replenishing the blood supply. Reflexology works in a similar way with the added bonus that specific points on your feet are believed in some cultures to relate directly to the health of other body organs. Sadly, the ASA rules will not allow us to talk more about this as there is no Western medical proof of this link.

Reiki is also covered by the ASA ruling but it too has many fans across the world.

So, Essex Massage at The Ark is not just a cursory once-over with some sweaty palms but a luxurious and personalised reintroduction to a state of relaxation and well being.

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