Is Your Shoulder or Neck Pain Be Caused By The Wrong Bra?

Could your shoulder or neck pain be caused by the wrong bra?

The answer is a resounding yes, according to Gok Wan on This Morning recently.

80% of ladies are wearing the wrong size bra.

There are women with bras where the straps are too loose resulting in their boobs not being supported. If your underwire is digging into your soft tissue, the ‘scaffolding’ is not holding your boobs in place. Boob spillage means that the cup is all wrong resulting in lumps of flesh bulging out everywhere.

In the worst case scenario. some women’s breasts can be hanging down past their stomachs – that puts huge amounts of pressure on your shoulders and back.

Whilst a bra that is too small or has the straps too tight can dig into your flesh and cause tension in your neck muscles.

When you first purchase a bra, it should be fastened using the first set of hooks and eyes. When you have washed it a few times, the material will start to stretch, so you need to use the second set of hooks and eyes. When it’s starting to get a bit old, you’re on to the third set of hooks and eyes. Then you throw it away – it is too old for the elasticity to support you at all. If you buy a bra and have to put it onto the third hook and eye straightaway, it is too big for you!

Either scenario can exacerbate an existing weakness or stress caused by some other trigger. Your massage will ease that discomfort.

However, if you want to resolve the issue so it does not keep on recurring, it’s vital to ensure that, when choosing a bra, you are fitted by a professional who has received the correct training.

If you’re suffering with shoulder, neck or back pain, check your bra! Then come to us for a relaxing massage. Call 01702 710531

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