Massage and Marathon Runners

Here are some great resources on why you should have massage therapy before and after your Marathon.

Massage helps to prepare your muscles for the changes they will go through building strength and endurance to handle a long run.

And to stop you from getting injured in training. Doing all that work and then suffering an injury just before your Marathon can be tough to cope with.

A massage after the Marathon helps your body to recover.

Deep Tissue Massage for Marathon runners

Expert massage therapists recommend that you should get any deep tissue work done 3-5 days before your Marathon and 3-5 days after the run.

Here are some more top tips about massage for runners

Post Marathon Massage

This great video shows what you should expect from a post marathon massage.

Massage for Marathon runners in Leigh on Sea and Southend on Sea

Give Mike a call on 01702 710531 to find out how a massage could benefit your Marathon training. Both before and after your big day.

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