Massage and Work Stress

massage and work stressVery interesting infographic from Workplace Claim via Good Relaxation.

The most stressful jobs in the UK

It would seem that the people who suffer most with work related stress in the UK are women aged between 35 and 54, particularly those who work in environments where there are more than 250 other employees. Health, nursing and social workers, teachers, bankers and lawyers, recruitment and sales staff, even head chefs – they all get a mention as being particularly stress filled jobs.

And the newspapers over recent years have been filled with media coverage of court cases that ensue as a result of some of these professions getting it wrong. It’s not surprising that the incumbents of those posts feel the pressure – even in areas where the job is as much a vocation as a job. So how do massage and work stress relate?

How massage can help with your work stresses

Often the end result of work stresses is poor posture. If you spend all day tensed up over a computer or are walking around worrying as you battle with outcomes and deadlines, what better way to loosen off those stiff sore shoulders than a relaxing massage when you get off the train?

Let Mike help you to leave those tensions behind at the office so you can enjoy the rest of your evening free of the intensity of that pressure.

Calming massage and work stress……dissipates

Calming, soothing, liberating – the toxins and the anxiety just melt away under the swirling movements of his hands. Muscles loosen and soften, your eyes automatically close and your mind and body begin to drift away from the maelstrom that once surrounded you. With massage and work stress there’s only one winner – you!

A recent study at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles addressed massage and work stress. The study involved participants receiving either a 45 minute deep tissue massage or a light massage. The results showed that just one session of the deep tissue Swedish massage decreased the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, whilst the light massage increased the levels of oxytocin, a hormone associated with contentment.

Find The Ark for Massage in Leigh on Sea

Find The Ark – it is a short walk up the cliffs from Leigh-on-Sea railway station. So, if you’re coming back to Southend from the commute to London on C2C, why not stop off and visit us for a relaxing de-stress, or for pain relief from poor office posture.

If you’re suffering with work related stress, book a massage treatment at the Ark with Mike on 01702 710531

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