Massage for pain relief? Here is the proof it works!

Interesting article from the Consumers Union of the USA on the Washington Post this week about a couple of studies in the Medical Press this year which show the efficacy of massage for pain relief of a variety of ailments.

The Science Translational Medicine issue of 1 February mentions a small study which concluded that massage could reduce inflammation in muscles damaged by exercise. It would seem that massage for pain relief of sore muscles from sports or exercise is approved by experts!

Furthermore, the journal, PLOS One, reported another study which claims that an hour per week of Swedish massage reduced knee pain for those suffering with osteoarthritis. Another tick in the box for using massage for pain relief, yay!

A third study claims that an hour of massage each week can significantly improve the pain relief and function of those with chronic lower back pain. More expert opinion in favour of the power of massage!

Other research has found that anxiety, mild depression and stress can also be relieved. And stress relief too, clearly massage is useful for work issues, then!

All kinds of massage therapies

But what type of massage? There are so many different forms – Holistic, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxation, Thai to name but a few. A treatment can range from a light stroking to the trigger point type involving an elbow pushed into a knotted muscle or someone actually walking on your back. Whatever you choose you can be sure that using massage for pain relief of your ailment will get the job done!Massage for pain relief

Whatever you choose, you should ensure that your massage therapist has all the correct qualifications. Check on the internet and see if any of your friends have recommended someone and then ask them for more information.

You also might want to make a choice as to whether it is a male masseur or female masseuse who gives the massage. It should not make any difference but some people feel more comfortable with a person of the same sex, whilst others prefer the opposite gender.

Massage for pain relief of what exactly…

But, more importantly, you need to know that you are getting the right type of massage for the problem that you need treated. Call them up and have a chat first. Give them all the facts – areas of pain and sensitivity.

I did this myself – I went to Mike because I thought I needed an Indian Head Massage. Based on my symptoms, he said that I would receive more benefit from a head, neck and shoulder treatment – and he was right.

The stiffness that had been present for so many weeks just melted away under his insistent rubbing. Other more recalcitrant areas were treated to the ubiquitous elbow to persuade them that they could actually release the tension that had built up in response to the many stresses in my life. Ahhhh, massage and pain relief…

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