Massage For Stress-Free Event Planning

A special birthday, anniversary or wedding – these are all events which can require so much organisation that, by the time the day dawns, you’re too exhausted to have a good time.

Many people find themselves suffering with aches and pains caused by the tension of their activities being retained in the muscles of their necks and shoulders. Stress headaches also become common.

Getting Your Head Together

An aromatherapy massage with specially chosen oils can also help to lessen the effects of stress upon your mental capabilities. Allow the stresses to melt away as you inhale peace and harmony whilst your muscles are de-stressed.

For some, a time of great change – like marriage vows or becoming 40 or 50, can be a traumatic time or personal soul searching.

A session with a cranio sacral therapist can help you to come to terms with any earlier emotional trauma which may be causing this internal upheaval. It’s not really a massage but the process is extremely effective for dealing with physical issues which have an emotional basis.

Get Your Body Fit For Purpose

Massage therapy particularly aimed at those areas which retain stress, like head, shoulders, neck and back, is another treatment that can help to regain relaxation.

Used in conjunction with regular acupuncture treatments aimed at loosening off the yin tang acupuncture treatment muscles and sinews which carry the residual tension of stress can also be extremely beneficial.

Yoga and meditation encourage that state of inner peace and regular classes in either or both will help you to remain calm in the face of adversity.

Use Recommendations To Select Your Suppliers

Your friends are a valuable resource when it comes to organising the big day itself. Take their advice and choose photographers, event planners and caterers based on their testimonials about their ability to get the job done without drama – and without bothering you every five minutes with minutiae.

Don’t Forget What Happens Whilst You’re Away

During a family wedding, a friend was burgled recently. Announcements had appeared in the local newspapers alerting potential guests to the date and time, the bridal cars had drawn up outside the house and carried the occupants off to their bash. The thief took his time as he watched them go, before entering the house and walking off with the wedding gifts in one of the father of the bride’s capacious sports bags.

A home security system or at least a working bell box outside would have alerted neighbours to what was occurring inside the house.

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