Massage in Southend

southend massage for back painDo you let pain and restricted movement interfere with the way you live your life?

Does your lifestyle or occupation create muscular tension, postural deficiencies, stress and anxiety?

Do you suffer regularly with back, upper arm, neck and shoulder pain?

For so many people, a sports injury, household accident, work-related repetitive strain problem or just the stress of every day life can cause tension to build up in the body, leading to muscular discomfort.

Massage is a gentle therapy which can help to relieve and, sometimes, even cure a wide range of conditions. By improving the circulation, massage accelerates the body’s own natural healing process, bringing nourishment to tired muscles or damaged tissue.

Relieve and relax the muscle tension in your body and learn to enjoy life again without that nagging pain.

Massage in Southend With A Qualified Masseur

Michael McCandless, I.T.E.C., M.G.C.P. is a qualified holistic and massage therapist who will assess the whole body to formulate a massage plan that will rid the body of harmful toxins, allowing it to function more efficiently.

For a relaxing massage in the Southend, visit The Ark, within easy reach of all areas of Southend-on-Sea due to our proximity to the Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness C2C railway line. Just get off the train at Leigh-on-Sea, come out of the station and walk up the hill to your right. Turn right at the top of the hill by The Grove cafe and then we are about 100 yards down on the other side of the road where Rectory Grove meets Leighville Grove.

Alternatively, we have customer parking at the rear of our premises.

How To Get To The Ark From Southend:

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112 Rectory Grove

Call us on 01702 710531 to make an appointment or to discuss any of our range of treatments

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