Mobile Massage In Southend and Leigh on Sea

Mobile Massage to your home

Are you in too much pain to get to the massage therapy room?

There is nothing worse than knowing that your aching back will respond really well to a massage but not being able to drive to your masseur.

If sitting upright causes you excruciating agony and you need to remain flat on the floor, help is at hand.

Mike offers a mobile massage service in the Southend and Leigh-on-Sea area, where he will visit clients to perform home massage.

If you’re too uncomfortable to drive or walk to our treatment rooms in Rectory Grove, Leigh on Sea, then Mike can come out to you. He has his own portable, folding table so it’s like bringing The Ark to your home.

Call him on 01702 710531 to find out more.

Mobile Massage in your offices

Are your employees not performing well in the afternoon due to the fatigue of sitting over a computer all morning?

Mike also offers on site corporate massage at offices in the Southend and Leigh on Sea area. If your employees are feeling the strain, he can set up his own folding table or perform a seated chair massage.

The benefits and increased productivity will be almost immediate.

If you would like a massage at home or in the office, please call 01702 710531 to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

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