Indian Head Massage

What is an Indian head massage?

Indian Head Massage is a straightforward method of alternative therapy that you don’t have to undress for, that involves gentle manipulation of the head and upper body.

This massage technique can be used to relieve tension, stress and fix blockages and improve circulation throughout the body leading to a lowering of blood pressure. Indian Head Massage began in Asia a very long time ago but the benefits are still very relevant to today’s busy lifestyles.

Tension in the muscles in the human body can cause much discomfort and an imbalance will lead to poor function and tiredness. An Indian Head Massage can manipulate the body to de-stress and even invigorate people, as well as relieving them of existing aches or twinges in the upper body.

Indian head massage techniques

A head massage has always been part of getting your haircut in India and is known to be very healthy for your hair and the skin underneath. Various vegetable oils are often used such as coconut oil or olive oil to provide nutrition and the whole process it is even said to help with hair growth and colour retention.

Massaging the head in this way helps with circulation and the distribution of oxygen, amongst other nutrients, to the brain.

Your face and head are very responsive parts of the upper body which, along with the shoulders and neck, are especially susceptible to the symptoms of our hectic lifestyles. Therefore an Indian Head Massage is a very successful method of stress release and energy correction.

On an emotional level, an Indian Head Massage can also facilitate the rebalancing of the mind by helping to correct the energetic flow and unblock pathways. In doing so, this will enable the body to better cope with stress, fatigue and feeling low.

An Indian Head Massage normally will last for about half an hour therefore it is a quick method of revival that can be done during at lunchtime and prepare you for the rest of the day.

And most modern-day practices not longer apply any oils so, while you do not have to be concerned about having to wash your hair, it may lose its shape so do keep a comb handy!

Call us to find out how a Indian head massage can help you.

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What Is Indian Head Massage?

A salon test by Kate Eshmade originally printed in Echo Woman

Kate Eshmade discovers bliss in an Indian Head Massage

I’ll let you into a little secret. While the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the route to mine is via my head.

My scalp to be precise.

I can think of nothing nicer than having my hair stroked and played with to totally chill me out. In fact I’d turn down unlimited use of a chocolate fountain for a whole month, or a night being fed grapes and champagne by a male Adonis, to have my hair played with.

As you can see, I’m a bit of a fan. However, for all my enthusiasm, I’d never had a head massage done properly.

So, after a long day at work, I headed over to The Ark in Leigh to take advantage of its late night opening and to enjoy my first Indian Head Massage.

On a cold blustery night on which I’d rather have stayed in curled up on the sofa, I was hoping for big things.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The Ark is a shop and salon combined. The shop sells crystals, candles, oils and incense, while the salon offers a host of Holistic Treatments such as Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy, as well as a Hairdressers.

My therapist asked me to complete a detailed health questionnaire and then took me into the treatment room. After double checking that I didn’t suffer from migraines, she asked why I’d chosen this particular treatment and then told me to take my jumper off and wrap a towel around my upper body and sit waiting on the chair.

I’d like to tell you all about the decor of the room, but I had my eyes shut in a state of relaxed bliss for most of it.

What I do remember is wooden floors, candlelight and soothing music – what you’d expect really.

My therapist started by rubbing aromatherapy oil into my upper back and kneading out all the knots a day spent in front of a computer creates.

As soon as she started, my head drooped and I switched off completely. Thankfully my therapist allowed me to do this and didn’t interrupt my inner calm with chit-chat.

After my back and neck had been attended to, she moved onto my head. Starting by stroking my hair down and then ruffling it up like when you towel-dry your hair.

Then she combed through my hair with her fingers, pulled different strands and tapped my head with varying levels of force – thankfully none of them too hard.

By this point though, if she had wrapped my hair around her fist and dragged me round the room, I probably wouldn’t have minded.

Sadly, after 30 minutes, the massage was over, and I had to rejoin reality. My therapist poured me a glass of water and told me that she would meet me outside when I was ready.

I could have quite easily curled up on the bed and had a good snooze but I’m not sure her generosity would have stretched quite that far.

My only criticism would be that the chair moved about a little during the massage, but apart from that I was delighted with my first professional Indian Head Massage.

I do have some advice though – don’t arrange to meet your friends or boyfriend straight afterwards.

As I left, despite feeling calm and relaxed, my hair was most definitely distressed. The oil they use makes your hair resemble that of Waynetta Slob and needs a good wash before you can safely be seen in public again.

Visit the Ark for your Indian Head Massage

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