The Benefits of Massage for Arthritis, Stress and Headaches Infographic

benefits of massage for arthritis, stress and headaches infographicGreat infographic from Massage Chairs via MindBodyGreen  showing the benefits of massage, particularly for patients with arthritis.

How a massage can help with Arthritis

A massage relieves stress and tension and helps to promote flexibility in stiff joints.  The worst thing anyone suffering from arthritis can do is to stop moving the offending body part… and yet, in most cases, that is what happens – because it hurts.

Use it or lose it… but worse still, don’t use it and have it stiffen up and become painful, as well as useless. Because if you stop moving, the joint stops self-lubricating, exacerbating your difficulties.

If you’re suffering with arthritis in your fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, toes, ankles knees, pelvis, spine, your masseur can provide a helpful and restorative treatment. Get those lubricating juices going again.

If you regularly find yourself in a darkened room due to a stress headache, your massage therapist can help to banish these outbreaks.

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