Massage Cushion, Beds and Table Covers

Massage Beds

As a masseur, you should spend as much money as possible on a good massage bed. One which has the ability to be raised up and down quietly and easily so as to alleviate any potential for stress on the therapist’s back but also so as to allow the client to climb on without difficulty. It also needs to be able to rise and lower without making a lot of racket which is not good for the end of a relaxing massage.

massage cushion

Massage Cushion

Most beds for massage tend to have some form of depression or hole for your face to fit into. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having a massage with your head tilted to one side – it just ends up giving you a pain where previously there was none.

I have also had treatments on beds that had a sort of plug-in cushioned circle. The problem with those is that the cushioned area applies pressure to the areas of the face that are most likely to lead to blocked sinuses and a bunged up feeling that is extremely uncomfortable and not conducive to relaxation.

You end up stressing parts of your neck, shoulders and upper back as you try to take the strain and relieve the pressure on your face.

So my masseur purchased a special blow up cushion which is almost a complete circle but with a break in it. He slips this under the material of the table cover and then adds a small towel.

This allows sufficient space for my face to be able to look down at the floor but without causing the pressure to my sinuses or the strain in my shoulders, neck and back.

Massage Table Covers

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the best ones are made of washable towelling, providing comfort for the client and are easy to clean for the therapist.

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