Massage and Marathon Runners

Here are some great resources on why you should have massage therapy before and after your Marathon.

Massage helps to prepare your muscles for the changes they will go through building strength and endurance to handle a long run.

And to stop you from getting injured in training. Doing all that work and then suffering an injury just before your Marathon can be tough to cope with.

A massage after the Marathon helps your body to recover.

Deep Tissue Massage for Marathon runners

Expert massage therapists recommend that you should get any deep tissue work done 3-5 days before your Marathon and 3-5 days after the run.

Here are some more top tips about massage for runners

Post Marathon Massage

This great video shows what you should expect from a post marathon massage.

Massage for Marathon runners in Leigh on Sea and Southend on Sea

Give Mike a call on 01702 710531 to find out how a massage could benefit your Marathon training. Both before and after your big day.

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Massage Therapy Guide – We’re here to help!

Here at The Ark, we offer a range of massage therapies including Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian head massage and many more!

Here is our massage therapy guide to help you decide which is best option for you!

Swedish massage

This is possibly the most common massage technique that offers long smooth strokes, kneading and circular motions on your superficial layers of muscle
(Superficial muscles are surface based muscles, opposed to deep muscles).
This provides the ultimate relaxation as this style of soft and soothing massage isn’t to target any serious back pain or muscle tension.

Swedish massage therapy is a good place to start if you are new to massages!


Aromatherapy massage is similar to Swedish massage, with the extra addition of soothing scented plant oils! You can choose from a selection of stress-reducing, energising, relaxing and balancing essential oils to address specific needs.

This style of massage is extremely effective on people suffering from high levels of stress or emotional and energy related unbalance.

Sports massage

Specifically designed for people who frequently participate in physical activity, sports massage helps those who are active or work out a lot. However, you don’t have to be a professional athlete! Unlike many other forms of massage, sports massage aims not to relax you, but rather to treat injury, loosen muscles and enhance your athletic performance. The strokes are a lot firmer and faster than a Swedish massage.

Indian head massage

The Indian head massage is based on an ancient Hindu form of healing that dates back to around 4,000 years ago. It provides healing and relaxation, as well as playing a crucial part in Indian weddings and births. The purpose of Indian head massage is to release tension and stress that has accumulated in the joints and muscles in the head, face neck and shoulders through the use of deep kneading and compression movements. This massage is especially good for relieving tension, stress, headaches, migraine, fatigue, insomnia and afterwards increasing energy and concentration.

Deep tissue massage

Not for the faint-hearted, this style of massage is designed to target deep layers of your muscle and connective tissues. Long, slow and extremely firm motions, as well as friction techniques, are used repeatedly across the grain of your muscle to cure chronic pain from tight and painful muscles.

You might opt for a deep tissue massage if you are recovering from a serious injury, suffer from bad posture or experience repetitive strain. A highly effective and beneficial massage technique, however, it will leave you sore for a few days afterwards!

For a blissful experience, call us today on 01702 710531 and save £5 on your first treatment when you mention our website!

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Gum Massage with Sesame Oil and Other Oils Deters Plaque and Gingivitis

While conventional dentistry is pouring chemicals into our mouths, ancient Ayurveda has been preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease with natural oils for thousands of years.
Ayurveda has been recommending oil pulling and gum massage for thousands of years to help prevent gum disease and plaque build up.
Yet the chemical industry is convinced their antibacterial mouthwashes and rinses are the answer. The heck with ‘superstitious’ ancient therapies – they more …read more

Source: Massage

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Tight muscles? Roll out those kinks and knots

By Mary MacVean Foam rollers are an inexpensive way to stretch and massage tight muscles, knots and other soft tissue problems. But don’t expect spa-like ahhs. It can hurt — but you should feel relief afterward.Foam rollers are an inexpensive way to stretch and massage tight muscles, knots and other soft tissue problems. But don’t expect spa-like ahhs. It can hurt — but you should feel relief afterward. …read more

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7 Ways to Improve Posture for Better Health

Did you know that poor posture leads to illness and lost years of life? This infographic offers 7 simple ways to improve posture for health and longevity.

The post 7 Ways to Improve Posture for Better Health appeared first on more …read more

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Massage Can Reduce Stress Hormones by 50% (Infographic)

Are you stressed out? Suffer from headaches or back pain? Massage can reduce the stress hormone cortisol by up to 50%! This infographic explains the health benefits of massage…
Related article: Menses Pain and Excessive Bleeding Treated with Essential Oil Massage
The post Massage Can Reduce Stress Hormones by 50% (Infographic) appeared first on more …read more

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Shoulder pain leads to a search for realignment

By Hilary MacGregor Whether it was years of swimming, too much sitting at the computer or too much driving, life was taking its toll on my body. My shoulder was messed up beyond belief; the pain seeped down my right arm and across my back, up into my neck. With a mile-and-a-quarter open water swim race just… …read more

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